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Smileloc System has been proven for device safety and efficacy in benchtop testing and clinical trials. Smileloc System has been rigorously tested in bench top and clinical trials, and proven for device safety and efficacy by FDA, Health Canada and CE Mark.
Product Illustration by Dr. Leo Yang

The "Magic" Of Unlocking Smileloc

Smileloc's shape memory property is triggered by Smilekey from locked to unlocked configuration in a matter of seconds. The unlocked Smileloc enables easy retrievability of prosthesis ranging from single crown to full- arch restoration. The magic is in the contactless application of induction energy using Smilekey, which in turn increases Smileloc's temperature above body temperature to cause Smileloc to change from locked to unlocked position.

- Single full arch restoration could be unlocked in less than a minute using Smilekey.
- Smilekey is approved by FDA, Health Canada and CE Mark.
- Fully charged Smilekey can be used for more than hundred activations.
- In addition to LED lights, Smilekey makes audible beeps during activation.

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Scan Delivery Surgery 2 3 1
Single Crown Scan and Delivery by Dr. Leo Yang
Single Crown Removal by Dr. Leo Yang

With Smileloc, single crowns and two-unit bridges can be done from surgery to final delivery in only THREE appointments. (1) IMPLANT SURGERY: RODO Healing Abutment is placed instead of conventional healing caps. This healing abutment not only shapes the soft tissue perfectly to match the RODO abutment but also acts as a scan body which will minimizing disruption to the implant. (2) IMPRESSION: the healing abutment is intra-orally scanned and submitted to RODO Digital Prosthetics (RDP) for processing and fabrication of final restoration. (3) DELIVERY: within five days, the restoring dentist will receive the final restoration, RODO abutment, Smileloc and printed model for hassle-free and clean delivery. Dentist chair-time will be less than 5 minutes and there is neither cement clean-up nor filling up the screw access hole. The whole process is fully digitally from start to finish, and checked for consistent quality and accuracy within 25 microns to ensure predictable delivery.